It’s not my fault

Bugs are always your fault. Actual bugs in the framework accounts for an infinitesimal percentage of bugs, and even if there is a bug in there, you’re the one who pissed it off.

Mike Lee, aka @bmf

So many times I’ve heard people say: “it’s not my fault, it’s a bug in the framework/OS/firmware/WTFware”.

Do what you’re paid for. Make it work.

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NSConference 2010

I was in Reading UK last week to attend the NSConference 2010. I will not write a full report of what happened there, because others will do that better.

The only thing I want to say is:if you want to improve your skills in Cocoa, for Mac, iPhone or iPad, you should go: you’ll have the best speakers, the best organization you can dream of. And you will come back with new contacts, new ideas, new code to try.

You can (should) read Alex Repty report here.

Tablet, iSlate, iPad, …

If, like me, you are tired seeing all these rumors about the absolutely freaking crazy product that Apple MAY announce tomorrow, and you are tired of reading about these rumors on absolutely every website in the world, I have a solution for you.

It’s a GreaseMonkey (and GreaseKit) script that will obliterate all mentions of the words “Tablet”, “iSlate”, “iPad”, “iTablet” and replace them with “Unicorn”, because more people have seen Unicorns than the famous iTablet.
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Designing an iPhone Application: tools round up

There are different schools on how to start the design of an iPhone app. Some will prefer designing on paper (I do), others will use the computer to design their next breath-taking GUI.

So here is a list of some of the tools, template to design your next iPhone application.

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