Tablet, iSlate, iPad, …

If, like me, you are tired seeing all these rumors about the absolutely freaking crazy product that Apple MAY announce tomorrow, and you are tired of reading about these rumors on absolutely every website in the world, I have a solution for you.

It’s a GreaseMonkey (and GreaseKit) script that will obliterate all mentions of the words “Tablet”, “iSlate”, “iPad”, “iTablet” and replace them with “Unicorn”, because more people have seen Unicorns than the famous iTablet.

So this is how this post looks without the script:
Script Disabled

And with script installed:
Script enabled

To use this script, you’ll need to have GreaseMonkey installed (if running Firefox) or GreaseKit if you use Safari.

You can install (or download) the script here .

This script is based on the dumbquotes sample, my previous attempt with jQuery was a too heavy to load for each page.

Have fun, and I hope I will not need this script for too long.

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