Not eXactly C Language Module Reference for TextWrangler/BBEdit

First, If you have a Lego MindStorms NXT 2.0 and you don’t use NXC (Not eXactly C) you’re missing something. If you’re a programmer, you surely feel limited by the official visual environment, and it’s a PITA to make it run on a Mac.

NXC is a free C like language for the NXT and you’ll feel at home using it.

Go check it, now: Not eXactly C

Because the NXC IDE (Bricx Command Center) is Windows only, I use the excellent Bare Bones’ TextWrangler to edit the code and the command line tool to compile.

I’ve made a Language Module for TextWrangler, so the NXC keywords and library functions are recognized and colorized correctly.

Download the file, and put it in:

~/Library/Application Support/TextWrangler/Language Modules/


~/Library/Application Support/BBEdit/Language Modules/

and relaunch TextWrangler (or BBEdit).

It’s a first release, but I’ll add whatever is missing. Please leave a comment if you see something wrong or missing from this file.

Have fun with your NXT!

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